Found 3 boxes of storm claws at my FLGS today (and for $90 each!). Kept all the wolves and sold everything else. I made $400 and got to keep 15 space wolf terminators, 30 marines, one special edition wolf lord and a copy of the 7th mini rulebook for free! Win.

Looks like I just started a new army.


First Tau Camo Paint Job

So I started a Tau army, and I got this Hammerhead off ebay. I really like the chopped up camo style Tau paint, so I did it in a combination of purple/greys. I started with a white primed model.

Next I took some electrical tape and I cut lines into it to make the shapes I would use as masks.

There are three layers of paint colors for this technique, and they have to look good together. I picked three colors that were subtly different. Ulthan Grey, Slaanesh Grey, and Warpfiend Grey (Citadel Paints).

I decided to go light to dark, so I sprayed Ulthan Grey first, then after it dried, I put some of the electrical tape masks on the model.

After the mask was on, I sprayed the middle color (Slaanesh), let it dry, put more mask bits on the second layer, and sprayed the third color (Warpfiend).

After the third layer dried, I removed all the tape, and the camo print was revealed. It turned out to be killer. I intended it to be more grey and less purple, but when I finish it with washes, then I’ll tone it down.

It’s a cool effect. 


I got a little tired of leadbelching my Greg knights, so I started painting my first chaos marines I had sitting around from the dark vengeance box. Not much to look at yet, just a few airbrush coats of khorne red and evil suns scarlett, but next post will be a pretty sweet unit of chaos marines… Kill team is giving me a good chance to try out armies without buying big collections!


My first attempt at sculpting (with sculpey). I made some terrain of an old statue. I boiled it after sculpting. Then I based it on foam core. I brushed PVA glue on it and sprinkled rocks on, then I primed it all and added sand and flock after drybrushing a few shades of grey. It came out good I think.